Thursday, December 18, 2008

Can I get your autograph?

In her new found fame, I am sure Janet Napolitano is signing quite a few autographs for eager admirers. The one she signed yesterday is definitely attracting the most attention.

I received the following email today, and after seeing the news today that she signed the order, I'm sure the SEIU and other Democrat groups are as giddy after getting this prized autograph.

Incoming Republican leaders had called on Napolitano to not sign any executive orders prior to leaving but their calls were obviously not heeded.

As we previously noted, there are many who feel this particular order is payback to many who have been supportive of her this past year. Here is an email we received that gave even more details on the alleged payback:

2008 was a very active year when it came to Democrat and Union fundraising. While much of the attention was paid to Barack Obama raising over $750 million, Arizona interests were busy as well raising and spending millions.

Democratic donations were spread throughout multiple parties but there were certainly a few that stuck out among the crowd.

AZ Families United for Strong Communities is the local arm of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). In the 2008 cycle the SEIU Committee on Political Education (COPE) contributed $360,000 to the local chapter. This money was then distributed to the Arizona Democratic Party ($210,000), Protect Arizona’s Future PAC ($30,000), Arizonans for a Healthy Economy ($50,000), and other local Democrat candidates.

Protect Arizona’s Future and Arizonan’s for a Healthy Economy were two PAC’s that Tim Hill, President of the Phoenix Fire Fighters Association, acted as Chairman for.

Protect Arizona’s Future reported 2008 contributions totaling $198,955 coming from both individual and corporate/PAC contributions.

Arizonan’s for a Healthy Economy reported $550,475 in contributions from both individual and corporate/PAC contributions.

Arizona List PAC is a third PAC who contributed money to Arizonan’s for a Healthy Economy. They collected $39,385 in contributions in 2008 and 98% of their contributions they gave out went to Arizonan’s for a Healthy Economy. Most of their funds raised were from individuals with notable names like Governor Janet Napolitano included in the list.

Protect Arizona’s Future was also actively involved as the only donor to The People of Arizona PAC whose only expenses were focused on the defeat of Rep. Russell Pearce and Jack Harper, and for Sen. Tom O’Halleran. They received $72,500 from Protect Arizona’s Future and spent all but $960.

Some are questioning if Napolitano has traded the "meet and confer" order to the unions today in exchange for the support she received in her failed attempt to secure additional legislative support during the 2008 Elections.

The other question that is out there is how much money did the unions contribute to Napolitano's Competitive Edge PAC which gave money to other causes deemed appropriate by the Governor?

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