Friday, December 12, 2008

Democrat's strategy for Brewer

The Democrats appear to have a two pronged approach to the handling the ascension of Republican Secretary of State Jan Brewer to the 9th floor.

First, attack members of Brewer's transition team for being lobbyists. Ironically, the current Democratic Party chairman is a lobbyist, as is former party chairman and Napolitano superfan David Waid.

Second, there is a concentrated effort to flood the site with a standard set of talking points and Democrat friendly suggestions. Here is a copy of an email that was sent to our attention with an explanation that people have been sending this form letter to the transition team:

Comment: To fix the economy please follow the plan to be outlined by Governor Napolitano in her state of the state address.When the Republican legislature sends you a bill to allow guns in schools or bars for the 5th time (not an exaggeration), please follow Governor Napolitano's responsible lead of vetoing the bills.Please don't get rid of all day kindergarten.Please do pick Laura Knaperek to replace you as Secretary of State.
Name: (name removed)


What we learn from this is apparently Napolitano is going to outline an economic fix in her State of the State address. Perhaps this is one of the reasons she is sticking around.

Secondly, they plead for the continuation of Napolitano's policies including gun control and all-day kindergarden.

Finally, they ask for Laura Knaperek as Brewer's replacement. The rumor is that this action is not out of benevolence, but rather becauce they believe Knaperek is beatable by a Democratic Secretary of State candidate.

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