Friday, August 21, 2009

2010 Watch

We're combing through the rumor mills, news stories, and blogs to give you the latest on the Governor's race in 2010.

Yet another Republican is considering throwing his hat in the ring in what may turn out to be a crowded primary. Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker has stated that he is interested in entering the 2010 race for Governor. Parker is a veteran of the Salmon and Munsil campaigns which both came up short of victory to Janet Napolitano. Parker has also had a few troubles in the past, and despite his claims to the contrary, he might have some troubles escaping phrases such as "falsely certified" and "under investigation."

Parker's term in Paradise Valley does not end until June of 2012, so if he does seek the top office, it looks like he would have to resign his post in Paradise Valley. It might be a good time for Parker to leave in the aftermath of having to cut $3 million from PV's budget and slashing 15 to 20% of the town's workforce.

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