Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And.....we're back to square 1

Wow.  Seriously wow.  That's all I really have to say.  In a non-surprising turn of events the Senate today voted against the key provision in Brewer's budget.  In other words, they are sending the exact same budget that she vetoed on June 30th.  

Seriously people.  For the good of the state, just resign.  We get your ideology.  We understand you think you are better than everyone else.  It's time for you to go now.  In case you don't know who you are- it would be you Gorman and Gould.  Every one of your major special interest groups, including King Norquist himself, endorsed the latest budget package, including letting the voters decide.  Yet there you are, oblivious to what it means to be a leader.  

So what's in store now?  Well, a whole lot of irony.  The Governor has to veto the bill.  If it didn't work a month and a half ago, it ain't flying now.  My guess is she'll get some Democrats.  This is where the irony comes in.  Democrat votes come with concessions.  Which means, the tax cuts will be a little lower, the tax increase a little wider or a combination of both.  Dems didn't vote for the package how it was, they won't vote for it after you buried it.  So instead of taking a big Christmas gift and going home, you might have given up your last negotiating chip.  How's that ideology working out for you now?


Thane Eichenauer said...

I see this position all over the modern day liberal blogosphere - if you don't agree to more taxes and more government spending you should resign.

If the situations were reversed I can hardly believe that the Republicans would have the temerity to say "if you aren't willing to reduce taxes and reduce government spending, resign so that those of us who want to can".

It doesn't work that way. As there is no apparently deadline (or the deadline is weeks and months away) the legislature can continue to send whatever budget they want to the Governor - she can veto all or part of it and we will see when if or how the cookie crumbles.

AZ Blogger said...

They shouldn't resign because of their stance on taxes. They have proven ineffective and useless as legislators because of their ideology. They claimed the entire time they couldn't vote because of a Norquist tax pledge. When Norquist gave permission because of the tax cuts, they still stick to their ideology. They should resign because they don't realize that their actions actually will cause higher taxes. They have shown to be incapable of legislating.

Add in the rumors that Gorman is doing it because she wants to run for Congress, and my calls for her resignation only get louder.