Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gould for Gorman?

Okay, we know politicians like their egos to be stroked but is this really a time for ego stroking? Why do I say ego stroking? Because that's exactly what Ron Gould throwing his hat into the Majority Whip race is. In case you didn't hear, Sen Pamela Gorman resigned today as Majority Whip.

In her letter she said "this tax increase is tearing our otherwise strong caucus apart and is 'taking on a life of its own' that is not healthy for our caucus, nor our party." She quickly forgets that she is one of only 2 or maybe 3 Senators that are left voting no. I understand her feelings but when you have Senators like Jack Harper voting yes after doing something we've been saying they should do for months (negotiate radical changes they want in exchange), it's a little ridiculous. Harper got comfortable doing it because the cuts are permanent while the tax could fail.

My favorite line from her resignation letter is quoting all of the wonderful successes of the session. including "solid Republican" bills. Tell me Senator, would those bills have had a chance with a Democrat Governor or Minority Republican status in either house? Don't think so.

No word yet on Governor Brewer's reaction to the change. The Senate is still meeting today but with Senator Chuck Gray on a cruise I don't think they have the votes. Gee, I wish my boss would let me skip out on work for a week.

E.J. Montini from the Republic had this to say. I'm sure he's probably off Gorman's Christmas Card list but then probably wasn't on there to start with.

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