Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The budget might get signed, but who's signature will it be?

So we've seen our fair share of weird things happen this year in Arizona politics. Imagine this scenario.

Jan Brewer acends to the Governor's office after Janet Napolitano resigns leaving Brewer to negotiate budget fixes for the '09 budget, and a balanced budget for '10. After vetoing it the first time around, an almost carbon copy budget lands on the Governor's desk at the end of yet another special session. Governor Brewer now had 10 days to sign it or let it go into law without her signature.

Brewer, scheduled to leave the state for three days to Mexico, leaves Attorney General Terry Goddard as acting governor. Using his authority, Goddard vetoes the unpopular "Republican" budget.

Maybe this might be a good opportunity for Goddard to officially take a stand on the budget. Heck, many feel that Napolitano created the mess we're in so this will be a good opportunity to provide a solution and ramp up that governor's campaign.

Something tells me Brewer will be signing the budget today.