Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First to the race?

Sorry the posts have been light, a lot has been going on around the office and there hasn't been much news from the 9th floor. I was talking to a colleague today who gave an interesting insight into Vernon Parker and what is assumed to be an announcement tonight for Governor.

Parker filed his exploratory yesterday and it has been widely reported that he will announce tonight at the Politics on the Rocks event. The question is, does being the first one to enter equal the first to exit? Parker needs to enter early because his statewide name ID is small. Paradise Valley is a tiny town in the valley and Parker was only elected a year or so ago. His resume will help but all of this time also opens up the door to the critics and Parker's closet isn't exactly tidy.
What do you think? Earlier the better? Best to let the "seriously considering it" line float a little while?

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