Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A conference minus one

The annual Border Governors Conference will have an empty seat this week as Governor Brewer has decided to cancel her trip and stay at home to work on the budget. Originally planned to make the trip to Monterrey, Mexico, Brewer would have left Attorney General Terry Goddard in charge in her absence.

It's highly unlikely Goddard would have done anything with the budget but it's smart for Brewer to stay in the state. This is especially so if she plans to veto parts of the budget and approve others. She also hasn't given up on finding a bipartisan solution to fix the issue and let the voters have a crack at it in December.

Only a few days left folks, well at least for this round. It's now just a formality since anything since we're going to be back here soon anyways since none of the solutions are permanent fixes.

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