Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brewer to OK budget deal

Governor Brewer was expected to spend some time Wednesday with a pen signing into law the state budget deal approved on Monday. The bills, meant to ensure funding for public education set to expire on the 15th also protects more than $2 billion in stimulus money.

It looks like the enormity and reality of the situation might be catching up to a few people. Brewer has dug her heels in and has said that since the Legislature won't pass it, she wants the voters to have the final decision. Russell Pearce has said that for a few weeks and President Bob Burns admits now it's probably time. Most of these lawmakers have commented that they are positive it will fail, which brings me to this conclusion. They are deathly afraid and know it will probably pass. If it failed it would be a mandate for cuts and they would have an open ticket to all the cuts they wanted and more. If it passed, they have the cover they need for their constituents because this was a voter approved tax.

The irony of this whole mess is that the new budget is around $2 billion out of whack as we speak. The Governor and Legislators will have to work over the next few months to fill the holes. As a noble gesture, our elected representatives will forgo pay while they aren't working. Now only if we can not pay them unless they actually do the job they were elected to do.

Press Release about Bill signing

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