Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Signed bills, a few vetoes, and a special election?

Just because I'm reading Howie Fischer print it doesn't mean I actually fully believe it. That's just how it seems to have gone this Legislative Session. The Governor signed 190 (yes only 190!) bills and vetoed 22. The biggest headline grabbers are the guns in bars (no this isn't The Onion), abortion restrictions, and sparklers vetoes.

The other story to come out is that the GOP might be ready to give the thumbs up to the special election for a temporary sales tax. Most of those hesitant all along are saying they'll only go along with it since it seem inevitable and will start campaigning against the tax immediately. A few are saying they'll use the opportunity to try and get some reforms that may offset the tax (something we've been saying for months now by the way).

That won't stop Ron Gould though (not to be confused with NotRonGould). He motioned to end the Special Session yesterday but was met with crickets. He definitely is in the running for the MOST conservative in the Senate and I'm sure his feelings aren't that hurt that he was left standing alone after his motion.

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