Monday, July 6, 2009

First step to compromise...

Well, at least they are starting off getting along. I'm on the road so the following is copied from the Republic.

Legislative leaders have reached a bipartisan agreement that would restore K-12 funding and make other budget changes necessary to preserve the state's receipt of more than $2 billion in federal stimulus funding, The Arizona Republic has learned.

The deal, details of which are yet to be formally released, comes on the first day of a special session ordered last week by Gov. Jan Brewer. Once the package is approved, which may come as early as today, rank-and-file lawmakers would be able to return to their home districts. The special session would remain open, though lawmakers would not receive per diem, and legislative leaders would continue to negotiate with Brewer regarding other budget issues, most notably her continued insistence on a temporary tax increase.

If a further agreement was reached with Brewer on the tax and other issues, lawmakers would return to the Capitol to consider it. That could come any time between two weeks and two months from now.

Brewer's office has not yet indicated how she views the proposal.

At least we won't be wasting any more money on per diem they don't deserve.

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Thane Eichenauer said...

This sounds rather similar to the last agreement the Governor announced. It remains to be seen if the majority of the Arizona legislature wants to follow where the leaders are headed.

A-T-M is short for a concept that the "leaders" seem inclined not to hear.