Friday, July 24, 2009

How many is this now?

So maybe that whole hubbub about a tax actually passing is really why they're so against it.  I'll say this, with each new poll that comes out it's kind of hard to dispute that it's probably what the voters want.  This is at least the third poll released (rumors have it there are polls conducted by other uber-conservative groups that have been buried for obvious reasons) that shows overwhelming support for a temporary sales tax.  

I still haven't gotten a real good reason why the people of Arizona can't possibly have the opportunity to weigh in one way or another on this issue.  Lets vote already and move on.  

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Thane Eichenauer said...

I will certainly agree that for any referred tax increase that it is *possible* that it may pass.

I however don't think that 1 poll, 3 polls or indeed any number of poll can prevent me from disputing the presumption that the voters of Arizona want higher taxes.

The "temporarily" suspended property equalization tax is an example that no tax is temporary.

And lastly, voting is an act with serious consequences, not just a sporting event or dog race. Just because it can be done doesn't necessarily mean it should be.