Friday, July 10, 2009

Brewer's Prayers Being Answered?

The Governor has a day job but by the sounds of it might be a convincing pastor after she's done running the state.  Brewer went to Gilbert last night to participate in the East Valley Bible Church's weekly meeting that is open to the public.  In case anyone was wondering how serious Brewer was, or if she knew what she was risking, the following quote is pretty telling.

Where the prayers are being answered comes later in the article.  The reporter surveyed and got quotes from a few people and it looked like after hearing what Brewer had to say, they understood and were more open to a tax increase.  This is probably why many of the hard right conservatives are adamant about not letting it go to a vote.   When the information gets out and the severity of the problem is presented, people seem to understand and be more open to a temporary tax.  The polling data seems to show that and now that's a main argument by those most opposed by it.  I guess we don't know what's best for us or what we really want.


Thane Eichenauer said...

With all due respect and with all effort not to be reactionary here...

Your last sentence is insulting. I and the voters are tasked every day with earning a living and providing for themselves and their family. I certainly know best for me and I also certainly know what I really want. I want to make my own decisions and any time the government is permitted to increase its budget at my expense that is an direct harm to me taking take of myself and a shot in the arm of the faceless government droids who I am darn certain do not care nearly as much for me and my family as I do.

Government always and forever will characterize a revenue shortfall as a severe problem. It will always be a crisis in their eyes. Would that government was as concerned with the overhead it imposes on the private sector (but it is not).

Has the governor's office reviewed the Goldwater Institute suggestions 100 ideas for 100 days? How many of them have been attempted so far?

AZ Blogger said...

Thane, it's insulting that AFP and other groups insist they know what the voters want and therefor insist a question can't go to the ballot. Interesting that one of their first arguments on why is that it will actually pass.