Monday, July 6, 2009

Will a weekend of BBQ'ing and fireworks prevent fireworks at the capitol?

My first inclination would be to say no. Considering Senate President
Burns probably feels like a National Lampoons movie, this is not the
Summer Vacation he had planned. Hopefully he grilled some bratwurst
this weekend because as of now that's about as close to Germany as
he's getting. About an hour from now, the Legislature is scheduled to
come back early from vacation to start a special session called by the
Governor. On the agenda is another go at a special election to let
the voters decide on a tax increase.

Over the weekend I did a lot of thinking and reading. As we declared
our independence in 1776, we did so not because we were against
taxation, but because we were against taxation without
representation. As we sit here on July 6th, our representatives have
failed to come up with a budget that is either balanced or will win
the approval of the final signature needed. One of the great things
our State Constitution allows is the ability for the citizens to
decide in essence the laws of the state.

If our representatives have failed to come to a compromise in the
expected timeframe, is it time for the citizens to have the final
say? Is voting for a tax increase and allowing the voters to decide
on one really the same thing if a compromise on a balanced budget
cannot be had?


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Thane Eichenauer said...

Any action by a state legislature that prevents the possibility of tax increases is a vote for limited government. Creeping tax increases, even when imposed by popular vote are not popular with me nor many other voters whose budgets are already taxed to the max.