Monday, April 20, 2009

Brewer Makes a Case Against Gun Control

The Tribune had a Howie Fischer run down of Jan Brewer's testimony today in front of federal lawmakers.  This was a star studded event so I'm sure this is the first of many news articles to make the print (or the web in this case).  She summed it up pretty clear and didn't mince words when laying the blame, she even gets the quote of the day after saying gun control does nothing to stop the violence, but some federal action would.  

Referring to the border violence and massive amount of guns making their way to Mexico, she said "If we get the resources, if we get the support and the federal government does what they're supposed to be doing according to our Constitution, those problems will halt."  

As was mentioned earlier, Brewer is still surprised that the Obama Administration turned down her request for additional troops along the border saying there is already money spent and they are working on a national plan.  Lieberman agreed with Brewer but asked her to elaborate on what the troops would do.  To her credit, her response was good and something that she should elaborate on and repeat 100 times.

"They would be able to help law enforcement along the border, enable them to do the kinds of things that would relieve them from doing, such as communication, logistics kind of planning, all those things that take up their time from actually supporting the border security," Brewer said.

Maybe then someone will start listening.

Tribune Story Here.


Thane Eichenauer said...

I find the interesting part of the article being Terry Goddard and his desire to implement cash and gift card control.

Craig B. said...

See what California and a lying California attorney, Steven T. Schoonover, and flip flopper James K. Olson did here to a Nevada citizen’s right to have a gun to protect herself after James K. Olson had broken into this Nevada citizen’s home! Gun Controllers Among Us, Marin County California Courts

Most liberal Marin County Ca has repeatedly thumbed their nose at the US Constitution, then imposed their illegal actions onto a Nevada citizen. What's next?

Lying California attorney, Steven T. Schoonover had the Nevada citizen served at 7:30 Thursday evening in Nevada for a 9 am the following Monday court in California and the California incompetent judge allowed that 1 day notice although illegal as have to be served more than 10 days before a hearing and furthermore it was to a Nevada citizen!

Three strikes you’re out lying California attorney, Steven T. Schoonover