Thursday, April 16, 2009

Governor Brewer Helping the Homeless

Governor Brewer Grants Emergency Assistance
To Arizona Homeless Shelters

$771,000 awarded to five shelters, assisting more than 700 Arizonans per night

PHOENIX – Arizona Governor Janice K. Brewer today announced $771,000 in awards to help shelters around that state that are facing eminent closers. The funding will allow the services to more than 700 Arizonans, including children, to continue into fiscal year 2010.

“Now is not the time to turn our backs on our fellow Arizonans, who are in need of a safe place to shelter their families,” stated Brewer. “This funding is critical to keeping the doors open to these homeless shelters as demand dramatically increases while financial assistance for the shelters decreases.”

In the last year, the number of people living on the street who cannot access a shelter has increased by 24 percent in Pima County, 20 percent in Maricopa County and by similar percentage increases in the other counties. Funding cuts and declines in private contributions have continued to decimate existing homeless programs throughout the state, undermining the ability of the providers to offset the overwhelming demand.

“The current economic conditions have created a wave of Arizonans who have never been homeless before, and these individuals and families are showing up at shelter doors only to be denied services,” Arizona Department of Housing Director Donald E. Cardon said. “This funding will allow us to help those who most desperately need the assistance, the shelter and the safety.”

The following is a breakdown of the funding that allows homeless shelters to maintain service levels that have already been impacted by cuts and increased patrons.

• CASS: Phoenix, $503,000. Funding will prevent approximately 325 persons each night from being displaced from existing shelter beds and prevent 100 to 200 additional persons currently staying in the parking lot from being turned into the neighborhood.

• UMOM: Phoenix, $114,500. Funding will keep 35 rooms open to serve an estimated 122 Arizonans, including 87 children.

• A New Leaf: Mesa, $62,500. Funding will keep services for 30 Arizona families and 84 individuals.

• Catholic Charities: Prescott, $41,000. Funding will help cover operating costs for six emergency units and 14 transitional units, serving approximately 50 people per night.

• Primavera Foundation: Tucson, $50,000. Funding will provide services to 30 Arizonans per night.

The money was provided through the Arizona Housing Trust Fund, a state resource devoted to addressing the state’s housing related needs. The money is derived from the state’s Unclaimed Property proceeds and no tax revenues are allotted to the Fund.

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