Friday, April 24, 2009

Could Napolitano come back to Arizona?

Former Governor of Arizona and current Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has been in some hot water lately, with a few calling for her resignation, following recent claims against conservative groups as "domestic terrorists" and claming that the 9/11 attackers came in from Canada.

This has given rise to speculation that Napolitano may try to come back to Arizona for a bid against Senator McCain in 2010. It was less than 6 months ago that Napolitano made tracks out of town - many said at the time that she would never come back. Her budget proposal sunk like a lead balloon and the Republicans held their breath for her to leave so they could make their own plan.

Now, nearly 100 days into the legislature, the plans on the table look conspicuously like the ones that Napolitano offered. A Governor, who left under the cover of night, now looks like a prophet in her own house. If the legislature does indeed attempt to implement borrowing, and Senator McCain received a challenge from the right, could Napolitano waltz back into town and take the Senate Seat? Would her on the top of the ticket in 2010 help the Democratic nominee for Governor?

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Thane Eichenauer said...

I do not see Janet Napolitano as a candidate who could prevail against any ballot qualified Democratic opposition nor John McCain in the general election (unless three celebrities qualify as a Green Party candidate, Constitution Party candidate and an Independent candidate). I would love to see Stuart Starky skewer J. Napolitano onstage although Mr. Starky would be pressured by the powers that be not to hurt the "presumptive" nominee.

Nobody knows who will step forward as the US Senate candidate for the Arizona Libertarian Party but as always the Libertarian candidate can always choose to focus on an issue popular with the Democratic Party electorate such as repealing drug prohibition (Arizona is likely to have a medical marijuana ballot initiative in 2010) or an issue popular with the Republican Party base (anti-Eric Holder/Nancy Pelosi AWB).

As Libertarians (as well as None of the Above) have held the balance in previous US Senate races (in 1998 Nevada for example) I would not be surprised if the same thing happened here (plus the Greens plus the Constitutionalists) in 2010.