Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brewer's first Napolitano Overturn

Unless I missed one, we just experienced Governor Jan Brewer's first Napolitano policy reversal.

Brewer issued two Executive orders (one here), (second here) today that reverse the "meet and confer" requirements put in place before Janet left (but after we knew she was leaving). This was widely seen as payback by Napolitano for union support during last years election.

This is a good move. The fact is, Arizona is a "right to work" state. The orders Napolitano signed are unconstitutional and there are better ways to approach "meet and confer". This was Janet's thank you to the unions for her support. If you don't agree, make sure you saw the last few pages from Howie Fischer's article.

Republicans had blasted Napolitano's lame-duck order. State party Chairman Randy Pullen called it nothing short of a "thank you to the unions for their campaign cash."

The Arizona Democratic Party reported receiving more than $200,000 for state races from Service Employees International Union during the 2008 campaign, with another $250,000 from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees which already represents more than 5,000 workers.

The party also got $205,000 from the Communication Workers of America which represents Corrections Department employees. A committee set up to help Democrats collected $147,000 from the Firefighters Union and $31,000 from United Food and Commercial Workers.

Press Release Here.

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None of Your Business said...

yes, the real reason that the order was overturned was because unions are perceived to be Democratic interest groups, and not an actual cost-benefits analysis of whether meet and confer helps or hinders state agencies fulfill their mission.

You'll notice, for example, that she did not overturn the meet and confer rights for corrections officers. Nor will you hear her calling for the Arizona Legislature to overturn the meet and confer rights for law enforcement. Those agencies win Republican votes.