Friday, April 17, 2009

No Blood - Yet

The folks over at the Sonoran Alliance are quick to point out that there are several people who have already lined up to potentially challenge for the Governor's seat in 2010.  According to them, there is "blood in the water" over Brewer's efforts to raise a temporary tax to fill the current budget deficit.  Bear in mind that no other alternative has really been offered to the Governor's plan, but that shouldn't stop them from speculating.  The list that they referred to is headlined (and we use that term loosely) by former Mesa Senator Karen Johnson.  The rest of the folks on their list needed an introduction for people to have any idea who they are. 
Can any of them raise any money?  Johnson has already admitted to a "shoestring" budget.  Does that really sound like blood in the water to you?
Until another candidate with a lot of experience or a proven ability to raise money, its far too soon to say there is "blood in the water."

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Thane Eichenauer said...

You have a very valid point. For many people (and certainly "the media") if you don't have money (preferrably at least $100,000) you have a very hard time getting unbiased coverage. This probably contributes to continued print media circulation shrinkage.

I don't allow "the media" to choose who I can or cannot vote for and I encourage my friends and associates to choose for themselves as well. Thinking for yourself is a concept that should be encouraged.

In this day when candidates can get print and video out to possible supporters for $1,000 one wonders when people will give up their focus on paid advertising and focus on the positions held by candidates. What a revolutionary idea.