Thursday, May 7, 2009

Arrest of GOP Executive Director reveals Republican infighting

In channeling Espresso Pundit, we'll do our own little bit of watchingdogging on the story surrounding the arrest of Arizona Republican Party Executive Director Brett Mecum for excessive speeding. A quick comparison:

Greg Patterson explores the impact that legal investigations have on the Republican Party and wonders if partisanship has anything to do with the arrest.

Shane Wikfors apparently dislikes Brett Mecum and thinks that excessive speeding is a major threat to society.

A quick walk down comment lane on the two blogs also shows the differences in opinion on the State Party, who is in charge, and how its being run. Apparently, if you hate the way things are going, speeding is an unforgivable sin. If you have any interest in uniting the party or keeping the infighting to a minimum, you are a Pullen apologist.

Here are the facts as we know them: Brett Mecum was going 109 on the Loop 101 in a brand new mustang. Poor decision? Probably. A threat to society? No.

If, as Patterson posits, the Democrats are to blame, its a brilliant move, because all they had to do was throw the bomb and sit back and watch the party implode. The long-standing dominance of the Republican Party in Arizona has bred contempt for the people within the party who are not exactly alike. Many of them are quick to defend Reagan, but fail to uphold his 11th commandment.

Infighting and messy primaries are what the Democrats thrive on to succeed in Arizona. Most would admit that it was the root for Napolitano's rise to power. Goddard may be the next to benefit from this approach, if the infighting turns their sights from Mecum back to Brewer.

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