Friday, May 15, 2009

Brewer Gets more support for her 5-Point plan

Governor Brewer received the backing of another regional group today when WESTMARC endorsed her 5-Point Plan.  This is something the Governor will need to continue to do as she has made it clear that she still thinks a tax increase is the only option.  With the Legislature doing rollovers and other gimmicks just to get 2009's budget balanced (45 days before the year ends),

I can't wrap my arms around the math it will take not to have a tax increase.  I am no fan of taxes, but I have yet to hear a proposal that actually balances out without a tax increase.

The million dollar question is, will the hard liners admit that fact and negotiate in other areas for things they want, or will they just stand hard and go down fighting?  Or better yet, is there really a plan that fixes the 2010 budget that doesn't rely on gimmicks or make the 2011-2012 budgets worse?

Full WESTMARC release here.

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