Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dems Twittering House Approps Meeting

Twitter is alive with Democrat Representatives twittering their opinions on the Republican Budget that is being considered in House Approps. Here is a sample:

@RepPatterson Reckless Reps Murphy, Kavanaugh, Crandall, Williams confront & argue w/ AZ Education Assoc, representing teachers.

@RepPatterson Many people from public signed in against HB2639, none in support. Chair again limiting public comment to 2 min.

@RepPatterson Rep Schapira moves to protect schools from a raid of $255M. All Rs vote no. Vic 'Dodger' Williams again leaves room to avoid vote.

@kyrstensinema things are getting crazy here! Biggs attacked the Dem budget proposal for freezing the QTR. But the Republican budget freezes the QTR too!

@kyrstensinema can't even believe what's going on here in Approps. This is crazy!

@DavidLujan If Gov Brewer doesn't like House Republican budget proposal, she should say so now so we can move on to real budget. We r running out of ...

@RepPatterson More hostility to education from Rep Vic Williams, who pushes for permanent repeal of education equalization tax now, shortchanging schools.

@RepPatterson Vic 'Dodger' Williams leaves room again to avoid voting on bad HB2634 budget bill. He's now missing presenting his amend to HB2635. So weak.

Representative Patterson (who does not sit on approps) takes a special interest in the doings of his fellow southern Arizona Representative, Vic Williams. Patterson is claiming that Williams has disappeared on some bills to avoid voting.

As we mentioned last week, District 26 could be in play next year, with Melvin as a possible target. Does Williams see the signs and is now working to try to fortify his position?

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cpmaz said...

The "claim" that Williams disappeared during votes isn't just a claim. I was there today, and he disappeared during anything resembling a controversial vote.