Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ready to lead?

When you read "30-year old yoga teacher and doctoral student at University of Sedona," does your mind immediately jump to serious candidate for governor? Our's either.

Candidate John Paul Mitchell has been stumping on the web and in the social media for quite some time, however, his webbyness may have worked against him today, when a link to his flickr site revealed a naked picture of a lady-friend (he insists its not his girlfriend).

Just like job employers are scouring facebook, myspace, and other web applications to get the real truth about their employees, voters are going to do the same about their candidates. And just as finding an employee drinking the night before calling in "sick," posting naked pictures on your personal site is a big no, no, even if he didn't do it.

Decorum in personal web use is becoming the new hallmark of maturity, something that shows that people are ready to lead. Be this a lesson to any candidate for any office - someone is always watching.

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