Friday, May 29, 2009

Brewer signs Tax Credit Bill for Disabled and Foster Kids

Governor Brewer today signed HB2001 today, which is the bill that came out of the special session. The bill creates a special tax credit for disabled and foster children and is basically a workaround after the State Supreme Court struck down the vouchers that previously tuition for these children.

Democrats didn't like the bill the called corporate welfare and it passed on party lines. Governor Brewer stated that the credit will not cost the state a dime to fund the new scholarships.

"I am so honored and proud to sign into law this important legislation," Governor Brewer stated. "These foster parents and parents of disabled students selected an educational environment that is best suited for their children, and this bill will allow them to continue on the educational path that they have chosen."

Press Release Here.

Full copy of the Bill here.

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