Friday, May 29, 2009

Not everyone a fan of Hugh Hallman

As reported by "2010 Watch", Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman may be considering a bid for Governor in 2010. Someone named "Hewie Hallman" sent us this video yesterday:

According to the email:

"Mayor Hugh Hallman of Tempe, AZ is 100% AGAINST tax incentives...except unless they are being given by his city.

Hallman testified on March 31st of 2008 and has since reauthorized, and entered into multiple incentive agreements."

Hallman has positioned himself as very conservative watchdog for the taxpayer. Hallman's support of taxbreaks and incentives would be damaging to a campaign designed to run to the Right. It will be interesting to see the reactions to the video. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.


Thane Eichenauer said...

Hugh Hallman gets plenty of good press characterizing him as a straight shooter. Not not all the coverage is favorable.

My fear is that Hugh Hallman might end up being a four year version of Jan Brewer. He has avoided shenanigans on the city level but when it comes to billions of dollars what is to keep him from going hog wild and turning on his previous positions? Brewer did.

His Arizona budget proposal is one Tempe Town lake wide and just as shallow. It proposes more borrowing, more government saving via rainy day funds (I feel a contradiction here) and distinguishing between "one time" expenses and reoccuring expenses (good luck on that).

He has come out against ASU ditching its current law school (PDF) in Tempe so I still have some hope that he might be trustworthy.

Does anybody know who his favorite dead economist is?

E said...

Hallman is only interested in protecting himself, Charlie Meyer, and Tom Ryff. These are the "quality" leaders of Tempe. They cover each others butts and don't care about what happens to the Citizens of Tempe. They are all selfish, immature and a pathetic a horrible role models for the citizens of Tempe.

Thane Eichenauer said...

Again, I am all in favor of being critical of any elected official. However if all you can do is denigrate without offering any specific examples, I wouldn't rely on those unreferenced claims to influence my future vote.

E said...

It has been said that Hallman thinks he is King and the City of Tempe is his castle. He is a self absorbed, corrupt Mayor. He disrespects the democratic system with his bloviating and dogmatic style. He thinks that he should be allowed to pick and choose who can and cannot interact with council during meetings. He doesn't want to change the bad and some of it is very bad. He would rather negate any and all bad publicity. No matter how it affects the public. He condones bad behavior with Tom Ryff. He would rather protect Tom Ryff and his misconduct as a Police Officer than to try and straighten up the leadership in Tempe. He leads the city as a tyrant and he expects that WE the people answer to him. He seems to have forgotten who pays his salary and who he answers to. He is a bully and a coward at the same time.

E said...

if you want to know what i am talking about

Jeffersonian pure waters said...

There are others on his protection list, too. He is a very poor school leader, had I known he was going to be principal, I would not have put my kid there. He is too busy "saving" the city, the state, the nation--worrying about everything except those closest to him and the students at the school he is principal. As one kid noted, "I wish our principal attended our games." When one is truly interested in others, it is obvious.