Monday, May 11, 2009

Everyone has an opinion

Has your phone been ringing lately?  Pollsters have been mighty busy lately calling voters to get the pulse on what's going on in AZ on everything from the legislature to Governor Brewer and John McCain.

The first is a Rassmusen Poll asking voters opinions on Senator John McCain.  While he doesn't appear to have much trouble winning a Republican Primary next year, 50% think he has lost touch with his party's base.

In the same poll, a few questions were asked about Governor Jan Brewer.  Over half (55%) view Brewer as favorable while 38% view her unfavorable.  51% approve of her Job performance so far while 45% disapprove.  When Brewer was just a newly minted governor, voters were closely divided on whether she would do a better job as governor than Napolitano.  Not bad considering she proposed a tax increase in that time.

The Tribune carried the story on the Behavior Research Company's poll about the legislature's performance. 

"When it comes to taking measures to encourage economic growth, only 15 percent rated lawmakers favorably on this task, compared to 43 percent who said they were doing a poor job.

Among registered voters, 54 percent held a negative view — a figure that jumped to 65 percent among Independents and 60 percent among Democrats. Of Republicans, less than half (41 percent) gave a reply of poor."

I would say now would be a good time for someone to step up and show some leadership.  It's not like there's this tidal wave of warm and fuzzy feelings that is at risk for proposing an idea that while not popular, fixing the situation we are in. 

My worry is that too much time is spent worrying on how it will look next year at election time, rather than what will actually be a long term solution to these problems.

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