Thursday, May 7, 2009

Governor Changing Her Mind?

A lot of questions are being asked this morning after a Howie Fischer story titled Brewer backs away from tax hike demand appeared on the Tribune yesterday.

While she never said it was an absolute, the fact that a tax increase was part of her overall 5 Point Plan certainly made it seem concrete.

One good thing is that everyone is at least at the table talking.  In the first reports I've seen, Brewer, Speaker Adams, and President Burns are now "fully engaged in negotiation."

So there's a few questions I'd ask.  Is she taking this stance because she knows a budget without a tax increase is unlikely?  Has she given up on the fight and figured it's not worth it?  Will she stand on her promise to veto any budget that relies on funny math? 

With less than 60 days left, we won't be left waiting long but it would be really nice to know that Arizona won't be shut down on July 1st.

Tribune Write-Up Here?

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Thane Eichenauer said...

Yea, it would be such a shame if the folks that chose to arrest Brett Mecum on a speeding ticket might have been laid off instead ticketing that young whippersnapper scofflaw.

I say, what is if government shut down and nobody noticed?