Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2010 Watch

We're combing through the rumor mills, news stories, and blogs to give you the latest on the Governor's race in 2010.

The Arizona Guardian is twittering that millionaire Jim Pederson is out of the 2010 Governor's race. At this time, we are unsure if he intends to mount a challenge in a different race (perhaps McCain?) or if he will sit this election out.

While the Democrats appear to be clearing the field for a clean General Election for Terry Goddard, Republican infighting continues between the current Governor and legislature. The final result, although still a mystery at this time, will likely lead to a hotly contested primary. Goddard, on the other hand, has stayed well above the fray and carries no baggage from the Republicans' proposed deep budget cuts.

Combined with the national disillusionment with the current Republican Party and prominent Republicans like Mark Sanford in trouble, the Democrats may have the advantage this year.

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