Monday, June 29, 2009

Budget Drama All Around

So after working all day Saturday, everyone decided to come back with fresh eyes on Monday morning and get the budget bills passed.  

With just a day and a half left, the clock is ticking and with events like today it looks like the likelihood of a shutdown growing each minute.

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Thane Eichenauer said...

There will be no State of Arizona government shut down for several weeks... and even then...
It looks like the legislative leaders, having been slapped silly by Governor Napolitano in past budget years have let no political scenario unexamined lest the Arizona Republic rake them over the coals. They apparently will bring concern over a government shutdown to a crescendo this week... and then two or three weeks down the road... something may, just may, happen.

I plan to follow Ron Gould and Jack Harper, who may end up being the brake pedal on the tax-spend-borrow deals cooked up by -nobody-knows-who-.

And of course the Democrats claim that they are going to gain the moral high ground... by voting No.

Could this be a the second coming of Dr. No?

Kyrsten Sinema, Juris Doctorate
The new Dr. No?