Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brewer budget support continues

Governor Brewer continues to get support from the business community for the budget proposal she introduced last week.  Today, WESTMARC announced their board's support after previously endorsing her 5-Point Plan.  I would imagine this was easy for them since a few of their members are cities that have quite a lot to lose between the impact fee freeze and other fund sweeps they feel will inevitably raise taxes.

It's always an interesting dynamic when the institutional support is so heavily weighted to one side.  Except for the No-Tax grassroots advocates, no one has stepped up to publicly back the Legislature's budget.  I haven't heard a firm argument of how their budget doesn't somehow result in a tax increase also, or how they justify a much smaller deficit for next year.  By all accounts, $4 Billion might be a little high, but $3 Billion is way low. 

Anyone with answers?

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Thane Eichenauer said...

3,070,654 registered voters (otherwise characterized as nobody) vs. numerous institutions (none of which can actually, you know, vote). If I was of a pessimistic mindset I might be worried about Brewer's 5 point plan prevailing.