Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Phoenix City Council (and others) vote to endorse Brewers Budget

While at odds with some lawmakers in the legislature, Brewer is the only one ringing up endorsements of business groups and cities. The Phoenix City Council unanimously voted to support Brewers budget proposal. I would guess more endorsements of this kind will be popping up as the line is drawn in the sand. With all parties involved having presented their appropriate budget proposals, there really aren't many other possibilities for alternative budgets that will emerge. Now all that's left is the negotiating.

UPDATE: Just when we push post, news emerges that the Arizona League of Towns and Cities have endorsed Brewer's budget proposal.

I don't have an account but AZ Guardian posted a Twitter Update saying they have endorsed it.

UPDATE 2: ASU, NAU, UofA presidents back Brewer's budget, sales tax push

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