Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Poll Shows Legislature to Blame for Budget Fiasco and Voter Support for Brewer Plan

The Governor rolled out a list of endorsements yesterday and today will be happy to return from court and see her inbox. I just got an email from Moore Information, who has conducted a poll of voters to see where everyone is at.

You may recall a few months ago, everyone who was anyone had a poll out there. A few showed support for a tax increase, a few showed wide rejection and there was criticism from all sides about how the polls were done and who was asked. So what came out of this one?

The Arizona State Legislature might be more unpopular than our Washington D.C. Representatives, and if the Governor's Temporary Sales Tax Proposal were on the ballot today, it would pass handily.

When asked who should be blamed if the Government shuts down on July 1st, Brewer came in at 13%, equal blame for the Gov and Legislature at 18%, and at 54% the Legislature was the one to blame.

Lining up business group is great for the Gov, but having polls like this definitely helps her case for the budget she has proposed. As was evident in other polls, the most popular way to get to a balanced budget is through big cuts and temporary revenue.

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