Friday, June 5, 2009

Budget passes but what's next?

The House and Senate passed their budgets after some all night, and late night haggling but now have signaled that Governor Brewer might not ever see it on her desk.  That seems smart since it's all but guaranteed that she would veto it and further the Republican infighting. 

Lets hope this accomplishes a few things.  The Legislature has the cover they need to show they tried to pass a no tax budget.  Even by their own admission, their budget would start off in the red and would probably get worse after the lawsuits started piling in.  There has to be a middle ground with the two groups.  They better find it fast since there's less than 25 days left until the government starts shutting down.

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Thane Eichenauer said...

This political theater is tiresome. The only upside I can imagine is the possibility of un-pc proposals to be brought back to the table.

Of course if still may end up that 50% plus 1 of the legislature may still think that raising taxes is more acceptable than legalizing drugs (go figure).

Who will end the siren call for a tax hike?