Monday, June 15, 2009

Governor Wants Action

Breaking news from the Governor press conference this morning. She
has demanded the bills be sent to her desk and has given a 5:00 PM
deadline or she will take it to the Supreme Court. She also said that
Senate President Burns walked away from negotiations and will not talk

With only 15 days left, things just got a little more crazy at the

UPDATE: So it was definitely a lively presser. Brewer demanded the bills, and the Legislative leaders basically said in a follow up conference you can't have them. It seems Brewer called the press conference after Burns walked out of a meeting they had last night feeling like he had walked away from the table.

From the Republic

Burns disputed Brewer's characterization that his action Sunday evening cut off the talks.

“Things bogged down," he said "When things bog down in negotiations, sometimes one of the parties gets up and leaves. "We certainly did not call off negotiations."
I wish I had video of the meeting. Was it, "Hey it's 8:00 and True Blood is back on HBO tonight so I'll see you guys later." Or was it, "Take your budget and shove it, I'm out of here."

The dueling banjo press conference makes me think it was closer to the latter.

The fight centers around this stack of papers

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