Thursday, June 25, 2009

Budget compromise reached?

Tentative word is that an agreement has been reached on the budget.
The budget that has been passed but not transmitted to Brewer would be
accompanied by trailer bills effectively changing some of the areas
the Governor didn't agree with. We'll see who gave up what but it
looks like the Governor will get the temporary tax increase on
November 2009's budget, in exchange for much deeper cuts than she

It also sounds like the Homebuilder bailout impact fee moratoriums are
out too.

I'm sure we'll hear something today or tomorrow.

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Angry said...

Hey everyone! We have a real serious problem going on over at the Phoenix City Council – cronyism at its best as the revolving door of former city council members gives us all more of the same. Am I the only one that thinks the city council could use some new blood?

Check out my site @ - it’s not very good but SOME coverage is better than none!