Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bills can gather dust

The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled and they will not order the
Legislature to send the approved budget bills to the Governor. More
details to come.

The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that the Legislature should not delay in sending the state budget bills to Gov. Jan Brewer.

But the court said it won't grant Brewer's request to compel the Legislature to send her the budget bills immediately.

"The Legislature has committed to this court that it will present the bills at issue to the Governor no later than June 30, 2009, only five working days from today," Chief Justice wrote for the court. "Under these unique circumstances, although we accept jurisdiction, in our discretion, we deny the relief requested."

The opinion was issued less than five hours after the court heard arguments in the case of Brewer v. Burns.

A full opinion will follow, McGregor wrote.

UPDATE: The Governor has released the following statement.

PHOENIX – “I agree with today’s ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court that stated: ‘The Court concludes that, after the Legislature finally passes a bill, the Legislature cannot delay presenting it to the Governor beyond that time needed to complete required ministerial duties.’ Further, the ruling states, ‘Presentment of the bills involved in this matter did not occur within the time mandated by the Arizona Constitution.’
“The Legislature should adhere to its clear constitutional and legal duties, and present me with the budget bills, passed 18 days ago, without further delay. Anything less than an expedient presentment of the bills to my office is clearly a violation of the Arizona Constitution as found today by the Supreme Court. The Legislature should not continue to hold these bills hostage, and should instead transmit the bills immediately.”

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Thane Eichenauer said...

"within the time mandated" - can somebody reference a quote or URL as to what this mandated time is?

These people make up opinions on the fly don't they?